Monday June 3
LOCATION                          EVENT                              TIME

RBC                                     Hot Dog Day                        11am-2pm

Golf Course                        Family Golf Night              5-7pm
Lilac Terrace                       Walk through the Past    5-8pm

Tuesday June 4
LOCATION                          EVENT                              TIME
EV Family Fun Center       Family Bowling                   6-9pm
Causeway                           CMD Wing Night                evening
Frank J Mitchell School     Teck Bike Rodeo                 9-3pm

Wednesday June 5
LOCATION                        EVENT                                 TIME

Rec Centre                        Free Swim                           6:30-8pm
Legion                               Tricycle Race                       (sign up from 2-2:45pm)
Legion                               Bartender Race                  (sign up before 5pm)


Thursday June 6
LOCATION                        EVENT                              TIME

Golf Course                       Chamber Tourney
Legion                               Dart Tourney                     7pm
Funky’s                             15% off Pizza                      all day

Friday June 7
LOCATION                        EVENT                              TIME
Rec Field                           Family Dance                    7-11pm
Rec Field                           Fireworks                           11:00 ish 
Causeway                         Open Mic                           7pm
Legion                               Texas Hold’em                  8pm
Ball Fields                         CMD Slo Pitch
Rec  Field                          Beer Gardens                    5:30-10pm

Saturday June 8
LOCATION                            EVENT                                TIME
Curling Rink Parking Lot    Pancake Breakfast             8-11am
Ball Fields                             CMD Slo-Pitch                     8am-9pm
Library                                   Library Garage Sale          8am-2pm
Rec North Track                   Carnival Events                 10am-4pm
Rec Field                                Teck Escape Room           10am-4pm
Rec Field                                Teck BBQ                           10am-4pm - Run by the Sparwood Grads
Rec Field                                Kids Fest                            10am-4pm
Rec East                                 Track Food Trucks            10am-4pm
Rec                                         Street Market                     11am-4pm
Rec Street/Parking Lot        Emergency Awareness     11am-3pm
Rec Southeast Field             Beer Garden                       9am-10pm
Rec Field                                Watermelon                       Noon-2pm  - Sponsored by Save On Foods
Senior Drop In Centre        Strawberry Tea                  1-3pm
Rec Curl Parking Lot           Auto Extraction                  1pm
Rec Curl Parking Lot           Fire Truck Rides                 11am-3pm
Rec Curl Parking Lot           Fire Fit Challenge               11am-3pm
Skate Park                            Skate Jam                            3-6pm
Rec Ice Rink                         CMD Cabaret                      8pm-1am

Sunday June 9
LOCATION                         EVENT                                     TIME
Rec Field                            Beer Gardens                        9am-7pm
Ball Fields                          Slo Pitch                                 8am -7pm
Rec Field                           5km-10km Race                     9am
Rec Field                           Duathlon                                 Noon

Our Schedule 

Second week in June

Happening All Week

LOCATION                        EVENT                              TIME
Causeway                         CMD Specials                   all day
Golf Course                      CMD Specials                    all day
Legion                               CMD Drink Specials           all day 

2020 Schedule coming soon! 



Coal Miner Days